Dr. Alfred H. Kuhne

Project Management for Development and Production

Dr. Alfred H. Kuhne EngineerConcepts Beratung puts its emphasis on customer driven medium to small volume production and enables flexible production for your company.

The owner of the company is Alfred H. Kuhne. He has spent in his  business career many years in executive management positions both in medium and in international sized companies. The particular strategic and operative managerial experience is based on projects in areas of development, manufacturing, information technology and logistics.

EngineerConcepts Beratung is specialized in customer consulting for Europe and the US. This comprehensive consulting offers sustainable advantages in a competitive market and provides individual oriented implementation solutions. This approach assures your company remains competitive in this ever changing global market.
EngineerConcepts provides measurable solutions to enhance the shareholder value.
The consulting company is located in Stuttgart area, Germany.

Consulting Services

Productivity increase and cost reduction are permanently claimed by the competitive markets. EngineerConcepts’ service profile is focused on these objectives. Dr. Alfred H. Kuhne offers consulting services on demand and create enduring performance optimizations with your staff members.

  • Monitoring Supplier

  • Optimization in Logistics

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    Efficiency Increase in Production

  • Efficient Production Processes

  • Active support during the start up of new production lines at the site of the supplier is provided by EngineerConcepts. Expert consulting and control in the field of change management and timing is a key business.

    Competitive value added processes are work-sharing processes. The lean management of the supply chain interfaces bears a huge potential of optimization. Dr. Alfred H. Kuhne considers the entire supply-chain and supports you in optimizing intralogistics by replanning the facility, designing the stock layout, managing the loading equipment and the transportation routing. A “state of the art” production control system is based on the pull principle to reduce stock, making your company fast and responsive due to short lead times. All suppliers will be integrated in the production control system and will be subject to continuous improvement by an integrated supplier management system

    Added value is created primarily within production. Dr. Alfred H. Kuhne assess the value chain comprehensively and optimizes your production processes using methods and tools used by lean management.

    Analysis and benchmarking optimizes the performance of work-sharing logistics processes without waste. The levelling of production by using Heijunka methods in a sustainable decrease of process and logistics cost.

Dr. Alfred H. Kuhne

Alfred H. Kuhne is an expert in the field of Project Management for development and production. His emphasis is on process optimization based on the Lean Production philosophy and targeted cost control methods.
He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and his Doctor Thesis was on “the automation of welding processes” at the University of Aachen, Germany.
He also spent several years at the Carnegie-Mellon-University (Pittsburgh, USA) as a research associate in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
During his professional career he gained experience in Project Management in several managing positions at the Daimler AG, Stuttgart. In addition, he spent five years in a greenfield experience for an automotive plant in the US.
Alfred H. Kuhne is an expert in material cost and process cost reduction.

Plant of the Year Award

Supported by consulting experience and advice by Dr. Alfred H. Kuhne EngineerConcepts Beratung the german based company PAS was able to  accomplish the turnaround  at their plant in Opalenica (Poland) to a profitable production facility. All elements of “Lean Production” have been implemented by EngineerConcepts in a period of 2 years. Training  of the employees especially on the shop floor and the support of the management then resulted in the award “Plant of the Year 2011” in the category outstanding production in the newly acceded countries in the EU.


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